Silvia Bergomi

Don’t call her just a stylist because Silvia Bergomi is much more. An internationally renowned trendsetter, constantly photographed blogger and… [continua]

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If they are roses…

It is known that life is a complicated matter, and that beautiful things help us to reconcile with ourselves. Take… [continua]

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Gilda Moratti

Gilda Moratti is the eldest daughter of former Minister Letizia Arnaboldi Brichetto and the oil magnate Gianmarco Moratti.She has worked… [continua]

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A foulard for René Gruau

Here’s an accessory that is worth pondering over. A foulard. Little more than a square meter of silk, yet so… [continua]

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Tamu McPherson

Incomparable in style and smile, Tamu McPherson lives fashion as she pleases. With spontaneity and the desire to experiment. Author… [continua]

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Candy bags

What makes a candy desirable? The act of choosing the flavor, no doubt. Experiencing the freshness of lemon before it… [continua]

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Lina Sotis

Lina Sotis is one of the most brilliant writers of Italian journalism, a journalist with a proper word for everyone…. [continua]

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Summer Lunch

An informal lunch on the terrace, a quick and tasty brunch to escape the hot weather of the city. Seasoned… [continua]

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Ilaria Norsa

Freelance journalist and stylist who bases her vision on a constant and very personal research, Ilaria Norsa is inscribed among… [continua]

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Paola Barale

She is a video icon. And if occasionally she allows herself a break, each return is a model of success… [continua]

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