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It never goes out of fashion and it seems specially appropriate right now – when kids are back to school – just liking the “throughback thursday”: that’s the college look.

To a few fashion brands, preppy style is the actual vocabulary of their collection, sometimes the references might be literal, otherwise less obvious, but you can notice them there. These are specially the quintessetially American brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren or Band of Outsiders. The college look is a classic choice, and not that hard to get: polo t-shirts or botton-down shirts, loafers, blazers (go for those who have crests on it or contrasting piping), tartan skirts or chinos trousers, twin-sets or little vests, and for those who want to have it all, the long socks are suggested, but just if you are very young.

The secret is going fishing into timeless items. The twist you should get it’s trying to reach a more mature allure, by adding some savvy pieces like wool pants (just like Paul Smith likes to do) or wearing a foulard rather than a floppy tie around the neck. This way we can leave Britney Spears behind a get a more androginous, sophisticated and intellectual impact.

And by the way, did I tell you loafers are already a must have?

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