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Candy bags


What makes a candy desirable? The act of choosing the flavor, no doubt. Experiencing the freshness of lemon before it melts in your mouth, a drop of clear honey, the balsamic licorice. The color, yes. And then what? The consistency. The form of a smooth pill, that crisp transparency of sugar, and when you don’t let yourself go at the sensual softness of the candy’s center. It happens even with handbags, candy for little girls that are a bit older. They don’t make you fat but you in a great mood better than a praline. A clutch of glittering crystals, the hobo bag by Yves Saint Laurent with gold fringe like the foil wrapper of a chocolate, the mini-clutch in reptile pink by Valentino that brings back the sweetness of a strawberry toffee. Do you want more? There is the clutch in cherry red silk by Bulgari and the shoulder strap of Bottega Veneta in woven leather, juicy like a tropical fruit. Each has its inviting delicacies. Not succumbing to the temptation would be, once again, a terrible sin.

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