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Cecilia Bringheli

Cecilia Bringheli

Cecilia Bringheli is a founder of C.B Made in Italy, founded in 2010 in Milan.

C.B Made in Italy is a brand of the best handmade, durable shoes, both for man and woman.

As a child, did you want to become who you are?

I remember as a child that my dream was to leave school for work. I hated school even though I now regret it. My work was born from a need: I love things that are comfortable and I strictly wear shoes without heels, which I had difficulty in finding. So I began to make them. I got busy and went out to find a craftsman who would produce my CB “Made in Italy”. That is how they were born!

When you shop what are you attracted to the most?

I adore shopping. I would be able to spend billions in 10 minutes! This is why I avoid it often! I am fortunate to know what suits me fine and what does not. In fact, I always bet on simplicity and dark tones: black, blue, brown. But in the summer I vary: I play with colors but without abandoning my classical style.

Your look passe partout?

Jeans, plaid shirt and a T-shirt during the day and a little black dress, long or short, without tights in the evening. And of course my CB.

You’re one who creates shoes, how many pairs do you have?

Less than you think! But most of them are slippers of C.B Made in Italy. Having begun to create what I could not find but wanted to have, and being that they are very versatile shoes I have several.

The maison “made ??in Italy” that reflects your personality?

I’m not obsessed with fashion, but I love quality and that’s why I prefer “Made in Italy”. That’s why my favorite brands are Luisa Beccaria and Marta Ferri: they both perfectly reflect my style and represent the real “Made in Italy”. And I adore my C.B because they are a timeless product!

What is in your wardrobe that you would never sell?

Colorful Indian scarves, which I only use on special occasions. But also an accessory that I care for very much: it is a Merù necklace I was given when I was worked as PR. I just happened to organize an event for this brand, and they wanted to thank me for the work with one of their necklaces accompanied by a pendant with the date of the event. And with any particular occasion happening in my life Merù, which I am on very good terms with, gives me a new pendant. For example, when my CB made its debut they gave me a key as a gift, as a symbol of the “key to success”, and for the inauguration of the space, a ladybug. I could not sell it for any reason.

What are you donating to PrivateGriffe?

I decided to donate two new pairs of C.B Made in Italy to PrivateGriffe. A blue denim pair of C.B Made in Italy in size 37 and a pink cotton pair of C.B Made in Italy with leather edges and lining in size 40 1/2.

What were the occasions when you wore these shoes?

I wore the blue denim pair for many summer occasions; from Capri to New York, and from the beach to the streets of the city, because they are lightweight and very comfortable. Also, the blue jeans color goes fine with almost everything.

Why did you choose this charity?

I chose Missione Sogni because I know for certain it makes children happy who otherwise would have no other way to be so. And I also have confidence in this association because it belongs to a dear friend of mine, and in addition to the fact that I like the work they do very much, I know they do it very well.

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  1. Carola Disiot says:

    favolosa la cappa di Pucci!!!!

  2. [...] Loafers are a main ingredient of the college look sported by students in USA, that’s the preppy style embraced by Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger most of all, but randomly quoted by other designers. Loafers come in different styles: penny loafers represents the vintage take on it, tassels loafers are a dressy choice, more recently introduced buckle-loafers are the modern and more sporty version, then there are the comfortable and trendy slippers, like those designed successfully by Cecilia Bringheli. [...]

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