White is the timeless, defined and eternal color. In clothing it’s often the smart pass par tout – elegant and… [continua]

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She needs no introduction, Filippa Lagerback, a TV presenter from Sweden now based in Italy. Filippa is an extremely enthusiastic… [continua]

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Elena Santarelli

Blonde Italian showgirl, beautiful and always outspoken. Born in Latina, moved to Milan, Elena Santarelli began her career as a… [continua]

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Vanessa Zoppas

What is style for you? It’s a way to be innate and natural. The ability to wear anything with naturalness… [continua]

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Candela Novembre

Candela Novembre, full-time mom and part-time model, has become a charity guest for PrivateGriffe. Born in Argentina, but Milanese by… [continua]

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Cecilia Bringheli

Cecilia Bringheli is a founder of C.B Made in Italy, founded in 2010 in Milan. C.B Made in Italy is… [continua]

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Eva Geraldine Fontanelli

She can be picked out among many for her never too plastered bon ton style, in a perfect blend of… [continua]

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Amelianna Loiacono

Amelianna Loiacono is the prototype of the perfect stylist. Good taste, international standing and an encyclopedic knowledge of styles and… [continua]

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Miss BaiLing of In the Mood for Love

A nickname and a successful blog that pay homage to the wonderful film by Wong Kar Wai. From the pages… [continua]

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Laura Renieri

One who firmly believes in the expressive potential of the web and the new way of informing about fashion, more… [continua]

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