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Don't be shy: wear a hat

Once upon a time, wearing a hat was a very common thing, on the contrary when one was without might have felt incomplete. Today the tradition seems to persist in England, specially in the occasion of certain events when you can not go but with a hat.

Sometimes the resulti s extremely eegant, but sometimes, as you might have noticed, the habit seems to lead to manifestations that are a little bit over the top. Or even funny or just kitsch.

It’s a delicate matter – because the hat can give the decisive twist to your outfit or just tragically let it down when it doesn’t work. But that said, you shouldn’t do without just beacuse it’s risky. And we are not talking about the much seen baseball cap that even designer brands are now including in their collections as an easy to get gudget rassembling like a status symbol.

Hats can give you something that other accessories won’t do: personality. Think for example to the young lady in Jean Jaques-Annaud’s movie “The Lovers”. She wears a very humble little dress with a low waist belt and a hat. A masculine white model with a black ribbons that makes her stand out in her sensual beauty and makes her become a carachter.

When choosing a hat pay attention it is small enough or that perches quite high if the head is small. If the face is already long instead, be carefull it doesn’t emphasize the feature. Or don’t go for one with very large brims if the neck is short. Hats do the best effect when the hair are long, but if you got a short cut go for the pillow-box, the same that Jackie Kennedy used to wear.

Take your time to choose it and look carefully at yourself in the mirror from every side. Then make up your choice and be bold. Just remember this small trick: wear it across one eye or oblique if to accentuate cheekbones…

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