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Fashion Clubbing

Many of the exhibitions last year have taught us how to track a continuity between subcultures and fashion – famous is the case of punk, that was the theme of the exhibition opened last May at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. This time the focus is on the Club Culture, which develops during the eighties in London clubs, less than a decade after punk phenomena.

The exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in UK has opened last July 10th and will run through February 17th, 2014. Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s shows the incredible explosion of creativity that was coming from the disco-clubs scene, a cradle for the development of subcultures such as Goth, Fetish and New Romantics. Among the heroes of the era, one really needs to be mentioned: the androginous and baroque Boy George. But this was also the time of the beautiful singer and actor Adam Ant. Back in the days the leader of the namesake band was dressing up fancily as Lady Oscar.

If the daytime jobs were grey and full of boredom, then the nights on the other hand were all about excitement and showing off. Finally young people felt free to express their personality with the weirdest results. That constituted an immense source of inspiration for the fashion designers that truly connected to those feelings: Vivienne Westwood, Katharine Hamnett and the young John Galliano. During the day Covent Garden was feeding the scene.

That’s the area where young trendy people were starting to go shopping and where Michiko Koshino opened his first shop. He started up with his Motorking line in 1987, his clothes got worn soon by the likes of David Bowie and Moby. This is only one of the stories you’ll find in this show – that has just opened and it’s already one of the best sellers of the museum – featuring creativity with no bondaries.

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