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How to dress to go to the shows

How to

One day to Milan fashion shows and matter of facts, the last obsession for those happy few who are enjoyng it is no more “how to get in the backstage”, but what to wear to get shot by the photographers waiting outside the tent. Well, notorios fashion blogger Garance Doré – one of the earliest bloggers – did a list some times ago, with a few suggestions for those who do not want to pass by unseen.

We went over the list and here there are for your pleasure some simple rules, but very effective:

_wear colors. Dark tones might be chic but they hide details and photographers don’t love them. You better know.

_ but if really color is not your thing choose black. It has to be from head to toe, religiously, so you might be mistaken for a fashion editor and someone might want to get you.

_keep in mind one general rule: they less they can see the more they will be interesed. Wear big sunglasses, big hats, but also big corrective glasses. Go cover up.

_ you should wear heels. Well, not simple heels: toy shoes or very very hi heels will catch the attention of the man with the camera. There must be some fantasy at your feet.

_ mix up prints you would never wear together in a ordinary day.

_ choose the wrong season. That’s very fashion: like sporting open toe shoes in winter and fur under the sun of summer. Why not?

_ must haves are the safe way to get in the bunch of those that will be noticed. Be it a swetshirt, a bag or shoes. Stay with the group.

_make yourself busy, at least try to look like you were: talk at the phone or read a newspaper. Street style photographers will appreciate.

Did you take notes? Good, and now you might want to check Garance Doré’s blog for some more suggestion and some good time.

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