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How to pack and save space

Holidays get closer and closer and when it’s so sunny outside we can’t help but live the city, at least for a few days.

Well yes, only a few lucky ones can do it straight away, for the others there is that infamous impasse: the suitcase.

This get even worst when you only have a hand luggage. Let not the travel bag become a nightmare. To save space and save your garments from becoming all creased you might want to have a look to “the bundle method” of California based Judith Gilford, the author of The Packing Book.

1. First thing lay your shirts and jackets down with sleeves overlapping

2. Add skirts and trousers layering the garments to those underneath starting from the armhole

3. Fold trousers and skirts

4. Let each garment hug the garment over it, In the end, you have a piece of clothing that looks like it’s hugging a big bundle of stuff and you can insert it in your bag 5. Use the space left on the sides to stiff it with shoes, accessories and little items such as underwear and swimwear.

Ready to go: with a space conscoius bag that will prevent your garments from creasing.

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