26 Jul 2012 0 comments

If they are roses…


It is known that life is a complicated matter, and that beautiful things help us to reconcile with ourselves. Take flowers, for example.

These mute, docile and elegant presences that remind us of the joy of living moment by moment. Bewitching us of color and fragrance in their superb fragility. With this regard, what can one say of the rose? Abused by poets, mistreated by improvised sellers, and commercially associated with romance to a low degree…but a rose is a rose.

When a flower, par excellence of all the spring seasons, appears on a woman’s dress it makes its most fitting figure. And it is not said that the effect is necessarily sweet and innocent.

The outfit of Versace, a caress of silk that clings to the body, is disturbing to the right point. And those roses, newly designed, unfold a heart of red passion among the petals. In alliance with a satin clutch of Sergio Rossi with a nice pair of Roger Vivier in patent leather, always red but outlined in contrast, there is no competition that can overcome you. Nor a lover that could resist.

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