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Just say bikini

The roots of the bikini can be found in the greek-roman era, when it was used for athletic activity and to dance. After that it was forgotten and noting similiar made its appearence until the twentieth century when the benefic effects of outdoors life were revelaed and spread everywhere.

But we can not really say that the bikini was born until Louis Réard’s creation. He made his swimwear out of Jacques Heim’s Atome model, but consinstently shrinking it. And the name itself that Réard gave to his “baby” was Bikini – like the atoll where United States used to perform nuclear tests… what better name for a swimsuit that promised to have an explosive effect?

The “bomb” exploded on July 5th, when a stripper from Casino de Paris wore the model for a presentation at the Molitor swimming pool. By the way, it took some times for the bikini to be accepted and in the 50s the more innocent styles kept carring on.

It was thanks to the movie stars that the situation changed. Marilyn Monroe famously wore the bikini in the film Niagara (1953), actress Brigitte Bardot was sporting it on the beach of French Riviera during the Cannes Film Festival in 1956 and also in Godard’s movie Et Dieu créa la femme (1958), the bond girl Ursula Andress had a white bikini on when emerging from water in the film 007: Licence to Kill (1962).

In America, the real success come only with the film Beach Party (1963), because even a “good girl” such as Annette Funicello was wearing the revolutionary model.

The bikini was then ready for conquering the world and for becoming smaller and smaller until the extreme. But today a retro wave is back, and rather than the “invisible” one is the 50s bikini to have the major success. Still seducing, but adding some mistery.

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