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Gucci Louis Vuitton Fendi

It’s easy to belittle the logo. One cites the case of ostentation, which frustrates any attempt to pass for cultured and surely sophisticated women of the world. Boorishly enriched stuff, in short, that would need a blatant symbol to declare its status to the four winds.

Then there is the significant factor of visual boredom. Because the logo, very recognizable, is hot-branded into the memory and produces inevitable effects of addiction. Always the same, always everywhere, it is the life style as the stereotype is to the pleasure of invention.

Yet, and here comes the best, the elegance of great race knows how to deal with it without a shot being fired. Because sometimes a dash of kitsch adds flavor. For the most skeptical, the august opinion of Diana Vreeland is of avail: “We all need a little tacky, it’s healthy, physically. It’s the total lack of taste that I disagree with.”

Do you want to put yourself to the test? Choose: they are handbags, with a handle, all branded to perfection. Gucci, Fendi or Louis Vuitton.

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