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It’s metallic, crisp, iridescent as the chocolate envelops. It’s the new trend in fabrics, made for clothes that shines in the light of the summer. It’s a returning fashion, the one that was invented by André Courreges, Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne in the Sixties. They were the pioneers of a wave that looked at the future, in a very faithful and progressive manner. No surprise these garments looked like elegant apparels for a journey to the space, or at least for an upcomin space age.

That style found a very fortunate moment during the disco music era, by the way, when at nightclubs people were dressed to shine. However, for some reasons the futuristic look tastes like retro nowdays. Just think to women weraing metal-like fabrics and you’ll see how divine and detached they look.

This brings to mind a photograph from 1994 portraying a bunch of breathtaking beauty, the supermodels of the time, that Gianni Versace wanted all reunited. The girls wore golden tunics in a variety of shapes and lenghts. No need to say, the metallic fabric is at its best when it comes in gold or silver – the classic choices – and it looks perfect on clothes that are sharply cut, when shapes are defined and geometric, or when the dress is minimal. Less obvious, but very interesting though, is the same fabric in full skirts, bon-ton suits and biker jackets.

However, the universe of metal for this summer has much more to offer: you’ll find iridescent orange draped dresses or even marbled patterns and, why not, the classy little black dress but with shades of green. Let us say, if the total look might require a special occasion, the small pieces and the whole range of accessories goes anytime and everywere. And these will be ravaged like a chocolate box.

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