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Miss BaiLing of In the Mood for Love

Miss BaiLing

A nickname and a successful blog that pay homage to the wonderful film by Wong Kar Wai. From the pages of In the Mood for Love BaiLing expresses her sizzling original vision of what is fashion and savoir vivre. As proof of her impeccable taste she selected two special pieces from her wardrobe for Private Griffe: a pretty collar by Miu Miu and an inlay color jacket in the full spirit of Moschino Cheap & Chic. The proceeds from the sale will benefit the Community of San Patrignano, always at the forefront for helping those recovering from addiction.

A special location that holds a dear place in the heart of BaiLing, as she was able to tell us about herself. It all started thanks to her inseparable horse Sero: “The relationship with my horse Sero is by far the longest one I have ever had: 16 years of my life in perfect harmony, sharing joys and small sorrows, working every day in order to build a great combination on the competition track. And now that the racing career of the two has come to an end, we just enjoy our time together. And it was with Sero that 10 years ago I came into contact for the first time with the reality of San Patrignano: two months of hospitalization in the Veterinary Clinic of the Community were enough to enter in my heart not only the medical staff that was taking care of my horse, but also all the young workers involved with the Clinic and the stables, always ready to give us a smile and a kind word.”

BaiLing often visits San Patrignano, happy to participate in the number of initiatives that are promoted: “It’s been 10 years but I still feel very attached to San Patrignano and I always return to sporting events linked to the equestrian world and those of food and wine (a sector in which the Community stands out as one of excellence for the Made in Italy) or even just to buy some handicraft from their shop. I do not want to make easy rhetoric: I know there are many misconceptions about the rehabilitation center for drug addicts, but getting to know a company like San Patrignano can be a good way to overcome these prejudices and approach people who, despite having hit rock bottom, have strong enough will inside to give themselves a second chance.”

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