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Francesca Pedrazzi

Everyone calls her Bibi and that’s okay for Francesca Pedrazzi, author of the very popular blog ‘Bibi in Wonderland’ and… [continua]

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Sara Maino

Long experience in the field and a strong instinct for younger talents make Sara Maino, editor of Vogue Italia, a… [continua]

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Workwear tailleur

Nothing flatters a strong-willed and independent female more than a tailleur. An article that arouses many emotions, while maintaining the… [continua]

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Chiara Boni

When you think about Chiara Boni you think about the cream of Italian fashion. Florentine and world citizen by vocation,… [continua]

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Giulia Zoppas

A dreamer with her feet on the ground, with a beauty who loves to be unconventional and above the rules,… [continua]

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Brogue detail

Courting the male wardrobe in order to assimilate ideas and styles is an always healthy and blessed practice by the… [continua]

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Ethnic summer

Pure avant-garde, sentencing someone paraphrasing a glorious cinematic joke. But there is very little to be fussy about, because the… [continua]

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One never gets tired of Denim. It is the little parsley of the wardrobe, one of the most versatile fabrics… [continua]

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Valentina Capelvenere

Being a mother is terribly in fashion. It’s proven by Valentina Capelvenere; ten years of experience as a journalist at… [continua]

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It’s easy to belittle the logo. One cites the case of ostentation, which frustrates any attempt to pass for cultured… [continua]

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