30 Jul 2012 2 comments

Silvia Bergomi

Silvia Bergomi

Don’t call her just a stylist because Silvia Bergomi is much more. An internationally renowned trendsetter, constantly photographed blogger and photographer herself, and a connoisseur of music (who can be found at the most exclusive and niche concerts) who has decided to lend a hand, on behalf of Private Griffe, to Gravidanza Gaia; the association founded by Adele Teodoro that gives gynecological assistance to the prison inmates of Pontedecimo di Genova and Bollato. Her outfit from Costume National is the perfect excuse for a gesture of sure help.

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  1. Adele350 says:

    Grazie Silvia!

  2. [...] Stylist Silvia Bergomi (you met her already in our charity talks) DJing at party. Illustrazioni a cura di © [...]

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