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The big-glasses unexpected effect

Once upon a time, an extra-large pair of glasses was so Buddy Holly that everybody would point out the rassemblance to the legendary – despite publishing three albums only in his carreer – rock star from the 50s.

The nerdy allure of vintage glasses, Buddy Holly style, made its comeback in the 90s when Weezer’s lead singer Rivers Cuomo worn them paying tribute to his rockabilly icon. If this was not enough he even titled one of Weezer’s main hits to “Buddy Holly”.

Well, in the 90s there was someone else sporting a big pair of glasses – more an 80s look actually. The guy was a photographer and he was catching everyone’s attention because of the soft porn pictures he used to take and his snapshots that were intentionally imperfect and raw: his name was Terry Richardson

In twenty years time, Richardson has become a star, and his glasses with him. The American photographer has actually started early on to use his glasse as his own signature, and more extensively they have become a sort of metaphor for the bohemian artist.

Everybody who passes by his studio, as well as everyone who is shot by him, can’t avoid wearing them, at least for one shot. Tons of models, and among them a bunch of well known faces, have been portrayed with these glasses, standing out in their hipster glam.

After we have seen Richardon’s glasses on their faces while they strike a sexy pose for so many times, we must be thinking those glasses are sexy too. The rétro and extra-large accessory has so become the ultimate optional.

And well, nerd has never been so in fashion.

Photo © Terry Richardson /

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