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the good travel

“My own traveling days are over, nor do I expect to see many travel books in the near future. When I was a reviewer, they used, I remember, to appear in batches of four or five a week, cram-full of charm and wit and enlarged Leica snapshots.” That’s how English writer Evelyn Waugh remembers the time of travel in the book “When the going was good”.

The idea of travelling has changed greatly over the years, because of the mutated way one travels and the time connected with the moving. Those mythological journeys with troops of servants and piles of suitcases, hat boxes and so on, look like a mirage now that we live in the era of last minute trips and mini-trolleys to fit low cost flights standards. At that time people were travellers, not turists.

The art of travel, with all the related immaginatio, is exactly the core from which a brand like Louis Vuitton, a company founded in 1854 whose popularity is due to the fact it was linings French trains. Even the Empress Eugenia had elected Louis Vuitton as its official “packer” and this was the other source of his success, of course. So you might want to have a look at Louis Vuitton to find everything to travel, just like in the pasti f you wish. But even for travelling according to the cintemporary fashion, no need to say.

If the magical of the going has been lost today, because no place is too exotic to still come as a surprise and because the epic dimension of the journey is only a memory. But something from the past can be taken back: a certain sense of elegance, for example. Start with banishing the jampsuit and think about the vintage fashion: big hats, sunglasses and jackets with pockets. Often a slightly Safari look is the right choice for different destinations. Plan to take with you trench coats, light jackets a large canvas bag, specially for the airplain travels, dress with many layers and do nor forget to bring a cardigan or a chachemire scarf.

Ok, even if everything else is lost you can repristinate something from the glorious past: that classy touch.

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