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Gia Coppola

Her aunt’s name is Sofia Coppola, Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman are her cousins and her grandfather is great movie director Francis Ford Coppola. Cinema was a destiny to her. Gia Coppola grew up between Los Angeles and the family’s vineyard in Napa Valley. She moved to New York when she decided to study photography. Her debut these days in Venice at the 70th edition of Films Biennale was much awaited. The first film, “Palo Alto”, written and directed by the young Coppola, takes off from James Franco’s book with the same title (Franco stars in the film too).

Neverthless, 27 years old Coppola is already quite famous by appearing in glossy magazines or at the jet set parties. She looks alike her cousin Sofia and she shares with her also the same sense of style: understated, minimal, fresh, with that intellectual twist mixed with nonchalance. She has already been described as the punk rock version of Audrey Hepburn.

For the red carpet in Venice, before the public projection of “Palo Alto”, she has chosen a suit mimicking James Franco’s tuxedo, but with a feminine twist: tight pants, stilettos and a floppy bow tie for a rock-chic effect. In the everyday situations she enjoys wearing striped t-shirts, jeans, light blue blouses, ballerinas and vintage lovely dresses she finds at the flea market that makes the perfect match with her tiny body…

Her style is simple and basic, so it seems not too difficult to imitate it, if you can keep in mind that old and famous say: less is more.

Images © Eric Guilleman

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