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Vanessa Zoppas

Vanessa Zoppas

What is style for you?
It’s a way to be innate and natural. The ability to wear anything with naturalness and nonchalance and magically also render unique the ugliest of clothes.

Do you have any reference models or style icons which inspire you when you go shopping?
No icons in particular. I’m inspired by Parisian style: street but sophisticated. During the day, I like to wear tight jeans and oversized sweaters embellishing the look with a colorful fur or an original hat.

What is the age of fashion that you like best and why? The cult piece?
The 50ies and 60ies, a pop era I very much enjoy. These are the years of bright colours and sheath dresses, legs on display, miniskirts and femininity. The cult piece a dress I love, designed by Pierre Cardin for my grandmother. A red and black mini dress with rouches. Still relevant and very sexy …

Is there anything you’d wish to wear but never had the courage or the opportunity to?
No, I like  to dare, especially in the evening and if there’s something I like … I go for it!

Are there any designers you’re particularly fond of?
Carven, a French brand that I love very much. Perfect for the day, modern and elegant. Instead, Giambattista Valli in the evening even though a special place in my heart will always be reserved for Valentino.

Would you rather dress up total black or in colour?
I rarely go total black and in any case only in the evening. Usually I wear colourful, and  I like to dare especially with my accessories.

What items are inseparable for you?
My calf lenght boots.

Maxi bag or clutch?
Maxi. A mom unfortunately cannot afford a clutch bag!

Shoes say much about a person’s tastes. How do you choose them?
My husband chooses for me. I trust his taste for shoes as he is a shoe designer. (Arfango ED)

What would you never wear, and what do you often see around town but never wish to see?
I could never wear Isabel Marant sneakers  … and there are definitely too many of those around.

The weekend suitcase.  What do you cram into a small space and how do you choose the outfit?
I create a single colour interchangeable suitcase ! I start by deciding a colour for accessories, so they fit well together, then add to the suitcase dresses that bind perfectly with that color. For example, if I choose brown for accessories I’ll then put clothes in a suitcase to fit brown.

How do you dress your little girls? Practicality or glamour? Do you have any particular brands or colors? Absolute convenience! Children should be dressed as children!

Which clothes have you donated to Private Griffe and what memories do you have linking them to your wearing them?
I am very attached to my clothes. Each piece has its own history and brings back memories. I decided to donate to Privategriffe a pair of suede shoes by Arfango Florence, a clutch of Prada and an Alberta Ferretti dress very important to me because I wore it on the occasion of my best friend’s wedding.

How would you suggest wearing them and matching them with other items?
The grey shoes are perfect worn with jeans and an oversized shirt for a casual evening. The Prada bag is multi-purpose because of its easily matchable  colour, perfect for the evening but also big enough for day use. I would suggest combining the dress with a bejewelled sandal and a string of pearls to lighten it up.

Which charity have you chosen to give the proceeds of the sale to, and why?
Operation smile” is my charity of choice because I have been close to it for a long time, and having two children I feel for its cause strongly.

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